Priority Investor Pass

The Priority Investor Pass is a premium feature of the Swinca platform Any investor who invested a minimum of $5000 of SWI during the ICO will automatically get it. If you didn’t, the last way to get it is to lock 75 000 $SWI for 6 months.
This pass will get you many advantages for a low price.  Get it while you can !

Benefits of the Priority Investor Pass :

– Access to the best investment offers (quality, performance, return)

No fees or limits on withdrawals or spending

Free Swinca bank account and free mastercard

No fees while swapping FIAT to cryptos

5% bonus on capital gains

No deposit required to participate in an investment

– Includes Swinca financial insurance on potential losses

Swinca financial insurance

Swinca has created a reserve that will be used as an insurance fund. This insurance is set up to compensate for any potential
financial losses that may happen in connection with Swinca’s real estate investments.

Imagine that there’s no tenant, the rent is not paid. An incident occurs or the value of the property decreases ?
Initially, 5% of the funds raised during the ICO are locked in this reserve.

In a second phase, as Swinca grows, reserve will grow with it.
When a new asset is added, (≈ 10%) of its value is placed in the reserve.
This insurance reserve grows in parallel with the platform

Get your Priority Investor Pass while you're still early !

Investors can get the priority investor pass after the ICO by stacking 75,000 SWI for 6 months