Room in "Dolphin Tower Business Bay" Hostel

Price : SOON €

Dolphin Tower Hostel at Business Bay

Situated in a premier location on Dubai Canal minutes from Downtown Dubai and other key attractions.


All details about yield, price, rent per token come soon...

Expected yield :    10,85 %                                             

Rental start date : 2021-08-01

Rent per token : 5,80$ 

Price of the token : 5 $

Total number of tokens : 1.200


Year of construction : 2020

District : 

Square foot : 

Rented : 


Why Dubai ?


There are dozens of reasons to invest in Dubai , we will focus on the first . The price of real estate for a quality of life that Dubai offers , you will not have it anywhere else in the world .

Guarantee of rents with a payment of one year in advance . Direct financing with the promoters on 5, 7 or 10 for some of them .

The price per m2 is low compared to other big cities like Los Angeles , Paris , London , New York , Shanghai .. while Dubai offers a high quality living environment.

The law is very strict in the Emirates. There is almost no delinquency. You will never feel so safe without seeing a police officer.

In addition to a very low price per m2 , there is a lot of apartment for sale in Dubai , the offer is such that investors can now negotiate discounts of 20 or 30% on the prices displayed .

The ideal before investing in Dubai and coming to spend at least 15/20 days. You can find 5* hotels at less than 70€ per night, and a flight from France will cost you between 400€ and 800€ with Air France or Emirates .

We will be happy to guide you in your apartment search or why not buy a villa that can offer you excellent profitability .

For example a villa at 1 million euros , will bring you NET per year 75.000€ which will be paid each year in 1 time. Profitable in 13 years + an increase in the value of the house of 20% minimum

You have promoters who guarantee you 100% of your return on investment in 10 years . An apartment with a value of 360.000€ will bring you 36000€ net per year for 10 years , after you see if you sell 400/450.000€ or if you continue the rental but with a rent of +40000€ per year .