Application Details

Thank you for your application.

Now you are entitled to purchase SWI. Please follow the steps below;

1. Make your payment by sending the purchase amount of BTC, USDT, SOL, SHIB, DOGE, BUSD, USDC or ETH to one of the deposit addresses below. We recommend that you make a payment by using a private wallet like MetaMask, so that you can skip the step 2.

ETH (ERC-20 only) : 0xf935fc2efd67924c77b5444a33aaeb67c67a8750
BTC (BEP 20) : 0xf935fc2efd67924c77b5444a33aaeb67c67a8750
USDT(ERC-20 only) : 0xf935fc2efd67924c77b5444a33aaeb67c67a8750
USDT(BEP-20 only) : 0xf935fc2efd67924c77b5444a33aaeb67c67a8750
BNB : 0xf935fc2efd67924c77b5444a33aaeb67c67a8750
SHIB : 0xf935fc2efd67924c77b5444a33aaeb67c67a8750
SOL : 0xf935fc2efd67924c77b5444a33aaeb67c67a8750
ADA : 0xf935fc2efd67924c77b5444a33aaeb67c67a8750
DOGE : 0xf935fc2efd67924c77b5444a33aaeb67c67a8750
USDC : 0xf935fc2efd67924c77b5444a33aaeb67c67a8750
BUSD : 0xf935fc2efd67924c77b5444a33aaeb67c67a8750

*IMPORTANT NOTES for users of an address of exchange:

ETH: Contract transfer or Block rewards (Coinbase) deposit method will cause the failure of the deposits.
USDT:Only transfer / transferFrom deposit method is supported for USDT, other deposit methods may cause a failure of the deposit.

Please ask the support of your exchange, if you are not sure what deposit method you use.

2. For the purchasers who make the payment through an address of an exchange, send your TXID (transaction hash) to from the email address you applied in the form. In the email, you need to put the TXID in the body of the email as well as to attach the screenshot of the TXID displayed on your wallet. We need this information for identifying the payment is yours.

3. Receive your payment confirmation email from the admin. It usually takes a business day or two after the payment is made or the step 2. * If you do not receive the payment confirmation within a few business days, please follow the step 2(Send TXID) even if you used a private wallet.

If you have any questions, please visit our token sale FAQ page or contact us at the email address below.

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